Through my many years of work in theatre and as a director, I am now offering acting coaching  in English and German. Tailor-made to suit the actor's needs; I offer private one-on-one coaching - or to groups -preparing actors for auditions, general acting, monologues, and scene work. A coaching session can be from 1 to 3 hours dependent on requirements.


The acting classes will most likely take place in the theatre space at where I also have the offices of my theatre company vienna theatre project. There, on an empty stage, together, with our skills, we create the mindset and abilites to go forward successfully in your chosen field. I feel if an actor isn't exhausted after a rehearsal, the director hasn't been doing her job.


For contact details please write to or contact me via the contact form on this website. Provide your telephone number and requirements and I will contact you to set up a prior meeting. It's important to know and trust the people you work with.





I spent all of my school career on a stage somewhere across the world (having lived abroad extensivley!)  I studied Theatre Studies for 2 years at college aged 19.



Since then, I have been through an on-going learning process, I have attended various acting masterclasses either for film or theatre, as well as amassing immense experience on the job.  For four years in a row now I visited the Robert Castle Method Acting Workshops - a form of acting I strongly believe in myself. See I have been running my own company since 2006.



I have many years experience as a successful director, very gratefully receiving accolades from industry professionals, the press and public for my shows.


See my news page for some reviews from previous shows.








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