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BACKSTAGE and  off camera...

I am an English native-speaker completely fluent in German, which I speak without accent. I therefore direct and act in both languages.


​I have been working in the field of theatre for a number of years. My first foray, into performing arts, was when I was overlooked for the part of Mary in the school Nativity play aged 5, but enjoyed standing ovations for doing a solo song instead. Then - and in the dressing up cupboard at kindergarten -  my yearning to play other characters and create stories became my addiction.

My school career saw me playing a varied array of interesting characters including Egyptian mummies, Mary Magdalena, Goods in Everyman, Riff in Westside Story. I directed my first production aged 15.  I co-wrote my first play at 18. Neither age, nor sex would I consider too big a challenge.

A slight diversion took me away from the stage until I was 23 and started working for a local English theatre company in Vienna - of all places. Just a few years later and I was producing, directing and acting with my own company

It's been a hell of a journey so far. The excitement of turning someone's written work into a piece of theatrical art either as an actor or director. The adrenaline rush felt in rehearsals when you get it right. Meeting the talented writers, actors, directors, theatre owners, filmmakers and so many creative people in this business. In 2009 I discovered the pleasure of directing musicals, 2016 it was opera. More passions I added to my love of the stage & entertainment.

I also enjoy experimenting with film, it is  interesting and holds many, hidden secrets.

As a director, actor, voiceover artist and producer it is not only the applause on stage that is my food, but the creative process that happens before the bows. That is what makes me get up mornings.




© Andrea Peller






Oe1 Interview - The Invisible Hand
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