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  • Director: Autumn 2024 ENGLISH by S. Toossi

  • Actor: January 2025 Lead role, Feature Film "ALBRECHT'S LETZTER TAG, Director Aneek Chaudhuri German/English/Hindu

  • Director: February 2025 MISS-ADVENTURE

  • Director/Producer:  Standing ovations & critical acclaim for "N" by Adrienne Pender & THE P WORD by Waleed Akhtar .

  • Actor: AIRSWIMMING Review "Joanna Godwin-Seidl a revelation..impeccable comic timing...brilliant acting... wonderful performances."

  • Actor: RELATIVE VALUES, played Moxie,  Autumn 2023​ Art for Charity

  • Voice Artist: HYSTERICAL SISTERS wins Award at Austrian Film Festival  2023

  • TICK, TICK...BOOM! Nominated Best Show and  Best Ensemble of Decade 2020






Oe1 Interview - The Invisible Hand
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