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If you are not in a link above a special thanks also to; Sarah K. Hayes, Mark Vanhommerig,  Eva Drnek,  Andrea Peller, Matthias T . Wurz,  Barbara Schmauss, Ine Gundersveen, Thomas Schluet, Alexander Nietzsche, Andrea Bernd, Jeannette Meinl, US Embassy Vienna, British Embassy Vienna, Theater Drachengasse and team, OFF Theater, Kosmos Theater,  Brick 5, Birgit Zach, Bernd Leichtfried, Kyrre Kvam, Kathy Tanner, Michael Smulik, Martin Buxbaum. Silke Müllner, Lisa Burger,  Maryam Benganga, Gernot Ottowitz, Astrid Levin, Roland Fuchs, Georgina Nietzsche, Markus C. Ender, Richard Panzenböck, Michael Lock, Brigitte Pekarek, Sarah Massini, Gerhard  & Daniel Seidl, Marianne & John Godwin and EVERYONE I have worked with so far.

Please note the list of names above only reflects  just a few of the people who have worked with me behind the scenes in recent years. Actors you are up there with a picture. I sincerely  thank EVERYONE I have worked with since starting this business.

Thanks to the  photographers who have provided the page photos for this website: Ine Gundersveen (Home, News, Actor, Gallery, Acting Coach, Contact). Andrea Peller (Director, About, Links)








Oe1 Interview - The Invisible Hand
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